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How to use Tattoo cover AQUA

1. Cut tattoo cover AQUA to fit the size of your tattoo.


2. Peel off the clear film.


3. Apply on your skin.


4. Wet the back paper thoroughly and press with your hand.

Press a wet towel over the back paper.

Make sure the change in back paper color.


5.Peel off the back paper.




*If your tattoo is still visible through a tattoo cover AQUA,

let it dry, then apply another tattoo cover AQUA on the first one.



Customize your skin tone!

Customize your skin tone by applying different colors of tattoo cover AQUA in layers. 

Double layers of tattoo cover AQUA will have more duration.

For Large tattoo

Apply tattoo cover AQUA next each other.



Tattoo cover PRO 【1layer or 2layer】


This is for professional use.

only extra light is available.


※2layer is double thickness of 1layer. suitable for bumpy tattoos.





Tattoo cover PRO is 6times bigger than Tattoo cover AQUA.


 Size: 24.5cm×30cm

without two fringes, 24cm×28.5cm



Tattoo cover Pro/AQUA  works as base sheet for air brush make up.

The amount of ink and operation time will be 1/3.


How to use

1. Apply tattoo cover Pro/AQUA.

2. Apply air brush make up on tattoo cover Pro/AQUA.



We ship to hotels you will stay in Japan

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*Free domestic delivery (Japan)*

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Delivery by hand (available only in Japan) 550JPN

We ship international

International shipping fee 980JPN.


Only Paypal payment is available for international shipping. 

※Please note that we shall not be responsible for any damages on your skin

also for any trouble with facilities.