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Onsen robe

In Japanese hot springs(onsen), you have to be naked in the locker room.

Humans are not beasts! 

We produced "onsen robe" for people with different cultures or values including sexual minorities.

We would love everyone to enjoy Japanese culture, Onsen!


Wrap it around your head while bathing

 No need to worry about losing it.

※DO NOT wear in bath water

Chest frill

The double structure makes it difficult to see through.


● Drains well

● You can shower off your sweat with it on.

● It doesn't get heavy even if it absorbs water like towels. 

Big slit

It's okay if you are glamorous.

You can not put even towels in bath water.

How to wrap it around your head 

1. Put the rubber inside.

2. Shrink the rubber with the adjuster inside.

3. Turn it over.

4. Adjust the length of the rubber with the adjuster.

5. Twist it.

6.  Tie with a rubber band.

Tattoos are strictly prohibited in some public facilities in Japan.



Facilities and services banning individuals with tattoos.


l  Hot spring

l  Spa, Sauna

l  Swimming pool

l  Sports gym

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※Please note that we shall not be responsible for any trouble with facilities.